NAD+ – Tiny Helper, Big Gains

If you recently looked into Vitamin IV therapies or spent time in a functional medicine clinic, you likely came across NAD+ services for energy, longevity and more. If you haven’t given it a try yet, it’s probably time. There’s a reason it’s gaining so much popularity: NAD+ may be small, but its effects are mighty! Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (see why we call it NAD+?) is a type of coenzyme, a powerful little molecule that helps out with the key chemical reactions that make up your metabolism. Want to build more muscle and lose body fat? NAD+ makes this possible. Interested in keeping your memory sharp and boosting daily energy? You guessed it, NAD+ is here to help. 

So what exactly does NAD+ do?

  • Initiates the transfer of energy from sugar & fatty acids into pure ATP (your energy molecule)
  • Assists enzymes that repair your DNA and regulate cell health
  • Plays a role in immune cell function and regulation of inflammation
Half, if not more, of your NAD+ lives in your mitochondria where your body produces all of its energy. As you age, intracellular levels of this all-important molecule decline, slowing your metabolism and overall functioning. NAD+ is also depleted in states of inflammation, such as chronic illness.  Mitochondria cannot function without NAD+, and the human body cannot function without mitochondria. The best way to understand how low NAD+ levels may impact you is to take a look at what happens when mitochondria are underperforming. 

What happens when your mitochondria aren’t healthy?

  • Declining energy and exercise intolerance 
  • Brain fog, impaired focus, and increased risk of dementia 
  • Muscle weakness, declining coordination  
  • Increased risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases
  • Poor immune function
  • Sluggish metabolism
Interested in increasing your NAD+ levels? Make sure you are eating foods rich in vitamin B3 and the amino acid tryptophan. Both of these are abundant in poultry, some fish and eggs. Plant-based sources include whole grains like brown rice and oats, and many nuts and seeds.  If you want to replenish NAD+ related to aging or inflammation, we recommend a therapeutic approach with intramuscular shots or IV infusions to boost levels quickly. Both are excellent clinical tools for fatigue, metabolism and cognitive function.